Yoga Training Centre in Siliguri

The effortless techniques of yoga can enhance the clarity of mind and help the person to boost intuition. Benefits of yoga are known to human civilization for many years. Yoga programs in the yoga centre in Siliguri not only enhance physical well-being but also improve powerful breathing techniques to sustain happiness in life. A healthy body will support a healthy mind and finally welcome happiness through proper yoga training. Mozen Yoga Studio shares the knowledge and effective yoga practices in Siliguri to make people aware of the importance and benefits of yoga in life. It is necessary to learn the techniques of practising yoga by joining yoga training centre in Siliguri because the centre provides guidelines, instructions, and shares the experience of knowledgeable yoga Gurus and Acharyas.

Yoga Training Centre in Siliguri with knowledgeable yoga Gurus and Acharyas

It is possible to gain self-realization and personal growth through yoga by undergoing different programs in our centre. The programs are categorized into different levels to justify the need of people. We start with the basic and intermediate programs in the beginning and then introduce advanced yoga programs under the supervision of Yoga Guru. The instructors and the teachers will help you to learn and adopt the right techniques because it is essential to follow the proper ways by preparing the mind and body with the fundamentals of yoga. We focus on developing skills and make yourself feel comfortable with the technique and regular classes.

Programs initiated by Mozen Yoga Centre in Siliguri

Basic and Intermediate Programs

Join Basic Yoga Training Programme in Siliguri Yoga Centre

Everything starts with the introductory phase and that too is logical for learning the yoga postures and techniques. In the basic program, we take an effective initiative towards building the person from inside. Inner engineering gives the chance to engineer inner transformation through various practices and learning. The inner transformation can be better explained by knowing more about yourself and the need for yoga in life. Once you understand the reason behind joining the yoga centre, you will start focusing on the programs and make the things justified with the kriya, asana, and shuddhi. Each of the phases prepares the person towards attaining good health through proper breathing practices, body movements, and meditation. Tremendous healthy benefits will start coming to your life by Upa Yoga, Angamardana, Surya Kriya, Yogasanas and Bhuta Shuddhi. On the other hand, Yogasanas and Surya Kriya transform the mind and body towards new possibilities and boost inner energies.

Advanced Yoga Programs

The advanced yoga program is possible only after learning and mastering the intermediate and beginning phase. The programs in this phase are designed with more possibilities that go beyond the limitations of the body. The yoga training centre in Siliguri helps you to experience such energetic situations and getting control over the five senses. The practices and techniques introduced by our yoga teachers will help you to engineer the inner senses more confidently. By attending such programs you can easily experience the oneness and self-realization. Here, the focus is given towards the inner dimensions with a set of powerful and purifying practices effortlessly. Finally, the practices will help you to release the emotional, mental, and physical blockages from the body and mind. The advanced programs are completely based on yogic science and work over inner wellbeing. Once a person learns the art of controlling the mind over body and participates in the programs that highlight the consciousness level through effective meditativeness then the individual will gradually reduce the stress and anxiety from his life.

Yoga Programs for Senior Citizens

Yoga classes for senior citizen in Yoga centre in Siliguri

Practising yoga is not only beneficial for younger people but also improve functional mobility, rebalance of the nervous system and self-discovery. This unique combination will make a difference in the life of senior citizens. After retirement from work, they can join our yoga training centre in Siliguri to lower the risk of diseases, pain, and inflammation. Yoga is for all and manages depression from one's life. Attending regular yoga classes is indeed the best thing for a senior citizen to recover from strokes and surgeries. The breathing techniques and effective postures will improve the digestive system and balances the blood pressure level as well. We initiate such a program to make them feel special and healthy through the guidance and instructions of the Yoga Guru.

Mozen Yoga Studio provides yoga classes, tips, and advice from more than two decades. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors and Gurus will help you to find the ultimate peace of mind along with physical well being. We are considered as the best yoga training centre in Siliguri for our services, training programs, and promotional offers.


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