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Yoga Programs

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(Back Pain / Diabetes / Pregnancy / Weight Loss / Asthma)


For relieving the back pain it is important to strengthen the spine. By making the core strong, we can reduce the strain on the lower back. Spinal Twists stretches the spine while Back Bending asanas tone the back muscles. Side Bending asanas improve the flexibility of the spine.


Asanas help in controlling diabetes. Back bending asanas like Bujangasana, Dhanurasana,etc stimulate the pancreas and help in the conversion of glycogen from glucose. Yoga asanas also stimulate blood flow. Agnisarakriya gives strength and stimulation to the abdominal organs. Kapalabhatti invigorates the entire brain and the pancreas. Relaxation and meditation reverse diabetes.


The story of Abhimanyu and Prahlada in the Indian epic says the effect of the emotions of a pregnant woman will affect the baby. Yoga helps pregnant ladies prepare for natural delivery. If they are less than three months pregnant, they can do Shashankasana and Padahastasana in a modified form. Spinal twists in sitting pose, Ushtrasana and Tiger Breathing will relieve back pain. Side ending asanas make the spine flexible. Shavasana and Nadishodhana will relieve tension and improve the quality of sleep.


YOGA is a way of life. Yoga will help in weight control if you follow a yogic life. Try to eat yogic sattwik food. Foods should be less oily and it should contain more vegetables. So it means that basically a low calorie food is recommended. Some dynamic postures will help in reducing body weight. Viradhadrasana movements, Paschimottasanas and Parvatasana movements help in reducing body weight. The Jatharaparivarattana asana helps reduce the belly.


According to Yoga, breathing is very much related to a person’s lifespan. If you minimize your breathing rate, you can extend your life. Yogic breath contains clavicular, intercostals and abdominal altogether. That means using the shoulder, chest region and the belly for breathing. In asthma patients we can see the inability for proper exhalation. We do asanas which are synchronized with breathing. It will help to relieve asthma. Pranayama also helps in controlling and relieving asthma. We do Tiger Breathing, Rabbit Breathing, Surya Namaskar and Nadishodhana in this special therapy class.