Stay Fit by joining Yoga Classes

Yoga is a way of leading a healthy life by following techniques and postures involving effective methods to transform your life into inner peace. These days there are so many tutorial videos and blogs coming out on the internet to make people aware of the importance of doing yoga but to implement the methods perfectly to your life you need to join yoga classes. Mozen Yoga Studio offers different levels of classes for educating people about yoga and its healing therapies. It is essential and somehow necessary to learn the correct postures of this art instead of facing a problem with wrong techniques. Our yoga centre makes the task easy and convenient for people to learn the art perfectly.

Yoga classes Siliguri for fit and healthy lifestyle

We focus from the beginning and make the person feel comfortable with the instructions and its wider prospects. Pranayama classes are arranged for getting control over energy that includes inhalation and exhalation techniques. The meditation classes help the person to get prepare for attaining mental peace with the purpose of reducing the stress level. Our centre stays focused on the overall development of the person through classes for beginners. You can learn and experience the best part of practising yoga from the basic to intermediate and then progressed into advanced forms. The teachers or the instructors will show you the right direction of practising yoga and making the art as part of attaining mental and physical well being.

More Benefits of joining Yoga Classes

To find inner peace

Find inner peace with yoga - attend yoga classes in siliguri at MoZEN Yoga Studio

Practising yoga on regular basis will gradually improve the overall mechanism inside the body as the techniques and postures involved in the practice will balance the blood pressure and cholesterol level. Yoga classes can be the only solution to find inner peace of mind by doing meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga is an ancient science that deals with depression and mental trauma. Doing yoga can open up more possibilities and refreshes the soul genuinely. We share our experiences by conducting regular classes where each of the postures and techniques is discussed and elaborated by the Yoga Guru.

To stay focused

Yoga is for everyone and we provide yoga classes for kids, youngsters and senior citizens. The importance and benefits of yoga can be better experienced by joining our classes. The principle and methods of this physical science can be creatively achieved by staying focused on the goal. We help you to engineer your inner senses and that in turn help you to stay focused towards the new achievements. Everything is related to an effective way and practising yoga will help you to understand and learn the right way. Finding ways for breathing, moving the body parts, and concentrating towards a specific goal can bring positive changes in your life. A healthy body with a sound mind will keep you focused on the goals more easily.

To attain physically flexibility

Become more flexible by practicing yoga in yoga classess

Yoga is all about controlling the inner energies and learning more about physical behaviour. Our mind controls the body function and the function of the body are also responsible for the development of the mind. Yoga postures are the movement of body parts with the right way of managing the breath. You will feel more active and energetic by implementing the yoga techniques which gradually improve the flexibility. So, to attain flexibility and better mindset you need to join yoga classes as the instructors make you understand about the need for practising the art. Regular classes will make you more energetic and active for meeting the mental and physical desires.

To improve overall body function

Yoga is the way of life and somehow the most beneficial part of improving body functions. Practising asanas and kriyas can be effective enough in managing body weights. You can cut down those extra fats from the body by indulging into different postures and techniques. Moreover, the science behind this ancient art can keep your internal organs healthy and safe. Regular practices will improve the immunity power and fight against several diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and even vision issues. Joining yoga classes will help you to master the physical art and increase your respiration towards healthy lungs function. Mozen Yoga Studio provides yoga classes for everyone and welcomes more possibilities towards attaining healthy life and inner satisfaction through regular practices.

Yoga Classes at MoZEN Yoga Studio


Pranayama is a Sanskrit word which combines 'prana' means energy and 'yama' means control. So, pranayama is all about the technique of controlling the energy through meditation and withdraw one's senses from the outside world. Pranayama classes help a person to learn meditation techniques which helps in attaining the goal by controlling energy through the deep spine. The emphasis of following this technique includes inhalation and exhalation or stillness by learning the way from a Yoga guru. The Yoga guru is the teacher who teaches the proper techniques of Kriya yoga for spiritual enlightenment.

1. Surya Namaskara (03 rounds)
2. Leg Lifting (10 rounds)
3. Yogic Breathing (in lying position)
4. Kapalabhati
5. Anuloma Viloma
6. Suryabheda
7. Ujjai
8. Shitkari
9. Shitali
10. Bhramari
11. Shavasana


Meditation is the technique or method of preparing our mind to remain peaceful apart of staying into stress and anxiety. In recent time, people are leading a busy life and follow an unhealthy schedule which welcomes depression and mental discomfort. Joining meditation classes will help a person to learn the ultimate purpose of meditation which gradually develop mental capacity and allows the person to recover strength. A peaceful mind is always ready to learn new things and finally bring happiness to one's life by getting constructive ways of learning Yoga techniques.

1. Hand Stretching and Breathing
2. Shoulder Rotations
3. Hip Rotations
4. Leg Movements
5. Shavasana
6. Kapalati
7. Anuloma Viloma
8. Meditation


If you are planning to join classes then you must join beginner's classes to learn about the basics of Yoga techniques and styles recommended for beginners. Here, the fundamentals of Yoga are explained in a detailed manner so that you can learn easily and move into the higher levels. During the first phase, beginners are focused towards the basics to understand the need of practising Yoga and developing an inner sense to remain refreshed and calm. By joining beginner's classes, one can develop a practice of remain conscious and doing the mindful movement to support the body in adjusting with the poses.

1. Eye and neck exercise
2. Hand stretching and breathing
3. Shoulder rotation
4. Leg lifting
5. Pavana Muktasana
6. Sethu bandhasana
7. Matsyasana
8. Navasana
9. Titalli asana
10. Janusirshasana
11. Paschimottanasana
12. Table Pose
13. Makarasana
14. Bhunjangasana
15. Naukasana
16. Dhanurasana
17. Shashankasana
18. Meru Vakrasana
19. Ardhakati Chakrasana
20. Suryanamaskara (in separate)
21. Yogic breathing
22. Anuloma Vioma Pranayama
23. Shavasana


Intermediate classes are also known as Level 3 classes, where the focus is given on students who are learning the principles very fast and in a proper way. This class is designed for those who have a better understanding of the basic poses and postures by getting ready to move into the next level. Yoga is all about creating a relationship between breath and body movement. Suryanamaskara, Leg lifting, Sarvangasana, Sethubandhasana, Matsyasana, Janushirshasana, and Paschimottanasana are some of the methods that are included in this level of Yoga classes. It is better to go slow then learning the methods wrongly because implementing the proper way will help you to move forward.

1. Suryanamaskara
2. Leg liftings
3. Sarvangasana
4. Halasana
5. Sethubandhasana
6. Matsyasana
7. Navasana
8. Janushirshasana
9. Paschimottanasana
10. Purvottasasana
11. Makarasana
12. Bhujangasana
13. Shalabhasansa
14. Dhanursasna
15. Ushtrasana
16. Chakrasasana
17. Shashankasana
18. Ardha Matsyendrasana
19. Kakasana
20. Trikonasana
21. Vrikshasana
22. Garudasana
23. Kapalabhati
24. Anuloma Viloma
25. Shavasana


Advanced Yoga classes are for people who are more refined, skilful, and aware of the postures more perfectly. This level of classes is meant for those people who are more consistent and put the efforts into practising the playfulness and sense of inquiry. Yoga is about getting relaxed and developing qualities about working through postures. Advanced classes are for those people who cover meditative asanas and getting more flexible with different variations of Yoga techniques. Advanced asanas are beneficial for increasing blood circulation and finding a better body with a peaceful mind. Sirshasana, Ashtavakrasana, and Padmasirshasana are some of the postures that counted into advanced classes.


Yoga is for everyone and kids should be the part of this traditional art where body and mind are introduced with basic asanas or activities. Kids these days are getting engaged in video games and managing pressure of home works, but to keep the body healthy and for proper brain development, Yoga is the basic need for every kid. Jogging, jumping, cycling, Suryanamaskara (05 rounds), Matsyasana, Naukasana, and so on can help a kid to remain flexible and healthy for a better future. By doing Yoga they can learn techniques for self-health and relaxation which finally bring inner fulfilment and easy ways of life.

1. Jumping
2. Jogging
3. Suryanamaskara (05 rounds)
4. Leg Lifting
5. Cycling
6. Sarvanga_Hala_Setubandha variations
7. Matsyasana
8. Paschimottana (in pairs)
9. Purvottana variations
10. Bhujangasana
11. Naukasana
12. Dhanurasana_rock and roll
13. Chakrasana
14. Simhasana
15. Shwanasana
16. Marjari
17. Upavishta Konasana
18. Markatasana
19. Vrikshasana in circles
20. Natarajasana in circles
21. Horse riding
22. Kakasana
23. Frog jumping

Yoga for Senior Citizens

If you are questioning about the need of doing Yoga for seniors then you must know about Yoga in detail. Yoga is a study about body, mind, intellect, memory, and inner difficulties through proper breathing and body movements. Weakness, aches, pains, and several other issues appear after attaining the age of 60. Joining Yoga classes for senior citizen will bring a positive change in one's life where they can find wonders through various postures and asanas. Tadasana, Baddha, Balasana, Bhujangasana, Adho Mukha, and Trokonasana are few asanas recommended for seniors to maintain flexibility, active mind, and good health.


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