Yoga Dynamics

Yoga Dynamics

YOGA is listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Yoga is booming across the world as more people recognize its health benefits and accept it. When it comes to fitness, Yoga is one of the leading choices today. A long term involvement with Yoga is an investment in health. Unlike Western fitness concepts, ascetic Yoga practice addresses health benefits not just physically but in many other levels and dimensions, namely emotional, mental and spiritual. It is non-competitive in its nature. Yoga helps you to maximize your potentials. Yoga enlightens, removes fear, inspires and brings harmony and balance. It creates an inner state of alignment and positive energy. There is a quiet metamorphosis and evolution of the self through the process of stimulating energy flow; of experiencing the present moment – of embracing Simple Awareness.

FORMS: Yoga Styles Practiced At MoZEN

Ashtanga Yoga

WHAT TO EXPECT: A set of sequence of poses the practiced in the same order.
FOR THOSE WHO: Are prone to sedentariness, are looking for a fast - paced and physically challenging class.
BENEFITS: Stronger muscles. Decreased stress. Weight loss.

Vinyasa Yoga

WHAT TO EXPECT: More freedom than ASHTANGA with poses determined by the instructor.
FOR THOSE WHO: Want an athletic & a dynamic feel to yoga.
BENEFITS: Stronger muscles. Decreased stress. Weight loss.

Hatha Yoga (Traditional Indian Yoga)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Slower paced classes with potentially physically demanding poses.
FOR THOSE WHO: Want a grounded style of yoga that focuses mostly on developing awareness.
BENEFITS: Calms the body, mind and spirit in preparation for meditation.

Power Yoga

WHAT TO EXPECT: A set of rigious, non-stop, fast- paced series of ASANAS.
FOR THOSE WHO: Want powerful and uninterrupted non-stop sessions.
BENEFITS: Detoxification due to sweating, weight loss, improves stamina and strengthens muscles.

Sivananda Yoga (Comprises of 12 Basic ASANAS and two PRANAYAMA)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Classic form of Yoga, Primarily focuses more on breathing and relaxation.
FOR THOSE WHO: Want to practice yoga for physical health and emotional and mental well-being.
BENEFITS: Relaxation in mind and body. Enhances self awareness that has a positive effect in life.


Our highly experienced team of Yoga Acharyas are Certified by recognized bodies which are reputed globally. We have professionally managed Yoga classes.