Why do yoga with us

The growing popularity of Yoga means that it is being taught and is now available almost everywhere today. Practitioners have a wide menu of choices to choose from – Where? - With which teacher? Which style of yoga? When ... They are flooded with decisions to make. So why practice Yoga at MoZEN??

  • At MoZEN, we create an oasis that is unhurried, calm, rejuvenating and enriching to the soul through the simple practice of connecting to your inner-self through YOGA.
  • We offer you an exclusive studio here where you can continue to stay in touch with your inspiring healthy lifestyles
  • The Yoga Sky Studio has plush interiors with modern facilities and offers a zen-like ambience and experience that is amplified in its simple and minimalist designs
  • We are open six days a week and offer you more than six separate Yoga classes in a single day.
  • We give you the flexibility of scheduling your daily practice around your own hectic and busy work hours.
  • We have professionally managed Yoga classes.
  • The quality of our instruction is set high in keeping with the rest of our offered facilities and standards.
  • We are centrally located on the main Sevoke Road just a few hundred meters away from Westside and the PBR Towers. We are alternatively easily accessible from the bye-pass road too
  • Located on the 5th floor, paid public parking space is available in the front of the new modern Metro Heights building near Don Bosco More
  • The Yoga Sky Studio at MoZEN can be accessed by using either the front or rear elevators
  • We limit our classes to a maximum of only 20 members per session giving a very high ratio of teacher/student inter-action
  • We offer you exclusive one-to-one yoga healing therapy sessions (back pain / diabetes / weight loss / prenatal pregnancy / asthma)


Send an enquiry to ensure you seat in MoZEN