Taekwondo Class Schedule

Day Time Class
THURSDAY Time: 4:30 – 06:00 pm
Flexibility/Stretching and Core Strength exercises (Traditional Taekwondo)
Heavy Bag Work (Kicking and Punching)
SATURDAY Time: 4:30 – 06:00 pm
Emphasis on POOMSE (45 minutes)
Flexibility/Stretching and Strength exercises.
Taekwondo etiquette / manners (Traditional Taekwondo).
Fitness and Co-ordination Drills (Free-hand/Cones/Ladder – aerobic/muscle Endurance drills/sets).
Kicking Target Practice Drills (power/speed + with/without footwork).
Self-Defense and Practicalities of Taekwondo as a Martial Arts against Sports TKD.

White to Yellow – Ela Jang (Taegeuk One)
Yellow to Green – Ela Jang till Sam Jang (Taegeuk One till Three)
Green to Blue – Ela Jang till Yuk Jang (Taegeuk One till Six)
Blue to Red – Ela Jang till Pa Jung (Taegeuk One till Eight)
Red to Red/Black Stripe – Ela Jang till Koryo (Taegeuk One till Koryo)
Black Belt Poomses (Keumgang / Taebaek / Pyongwon / Sipjin / Jitae and others)
# - Using Poomse as Warm Up/Memory Retention/Breaking down Poomse (perfecting moves)
SUNDAY Time: 11:00 – 12:30
Emphasis on (A) KYORUGI (45 minutes) + (B) DEMO TEAM PRACTICE (45 minutes)

Understanding the Theory of Kyorugi (rules and regulations/mind control /strategy)
Practical Kyorugi (Championship Fighting)

Footwork Drills :
(a) Kicking Combinations (aerial - speed)
(b) Kicking Combinations with pads (accuracy and speed)
(c) Kicking Combinations and footwork with partners (including chest guards)
(d) WTF Style Free Sparring (regular bouts/rounds) + incorporate referee practice/training

Group Poomsae (girls/boys/mixed gender + Black Belts)
Creative Poomsae (with music/soundtracks)
Flexibility Sequences (incorporate with kicking/punching combinations)
Self-Defense Sequences (single/groups/mixed genders/kids/adults)
Breaking (Power/Speed/Multiple/Aerial/Acrobatic)


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