Natural Fitness365

NATURAL FITNESS365 :(A.C.E.D. – Aero Core Essential Dynamics)

Everything we do, we do using our own body to exercise our body. This is the essence of the NATURAL FITNESS365 program. It is a daily fitness lifestyle that we embrace into our lives 365 days a year. We do not seek time-based results – only the euphoria of leaving each session with an “Endorphin High” – our new Feel Good Wellness Mantra.

Here the emphasis is in four core essential dynamic areas – Cardio/Flexibility/Strength and Balance. Exercises inculcated in the fitness regimen have been incorporated from YOGA and the ORIENTAL MARTIAL ARTS. We make the invigorating balanced sessions exciting and wholesome fun.

- ZEN CALM : Meditation / Martial Arts and Yoga Breathing Exercises (Breath aka Pranayama and emptiness are essential ingredients for meditation, contemplation and the creation of a spiritual life) / Gentle Stretching Exercises (45 minutes duration – Light Workout).

- BREATHE : Cardio fitness endurance / Footwork Drills / Ladder and Cone Drills (45 minutes duration – High Intensity Workout with frequent short breaks)

- POSITIVE VIBRATIONS : Strength training (pushups + crunches + planks) / Flexibility Exercises / Co-ordination training (simple basic drills – aerial punching+ kicking+ moving around – aimed at muscle recognition and fluidity) – Less repetitions – Often done with background music (1 hour duration – Medium Workout)

- THE STRESS BUSTER : Heavy bag work (boxing and basic kicking)/ Taekwondo kicking pads / Mirror Shadow Sparring (elements of Choi Kwang Do) / scream and shout / with alternate music genre (*** Classic Rock / Heavy Metal/Dance and Hip Hop (Rap) /Reggae (1 hour duration – Heavy Workout)