Give yourself a life-long gift of courtesy, integrity, self-confidence, a zen awareness and an indomitable spirit through the process of TAEKWONDO.


Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art. It is practised, prized and enjoyed by over 70 million people in all age groups around the world. Taekwondo is popularly known for its dynamic flashy high kicks and strong hand techniques as a self-defence and fighting art. Going beyond its physical attributes, Taekwondo is a vehicle and a way for the understanding and improvement of one’s self as a person. It’s philosophies and experiences are easily related to everyday living.

As a sport, Taekwondo is now an official medal sport in the modern Olympic Games.


Taekwondo is for everyone. Young and old; men and women - And children. There are no age limitations or time barriers. It caters to every single individual. One can begin at any level of fitness.


태권도 국제 도장

TAEKWONDO INTERNATIONAL DOJANGS is a unit of RMS Business Enterprises. It represents a rapidly growing organization of Taekwondo schools, clubs and associations within the country. Our collective aims are to promote, make available and further the growth of Taekwondo in India. We follow the World Taekwondo Federation style and its internationally recognized syllabus.

The organization is an affiliated and registered member of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Seoul, Korea which is recognized by both the World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon. The Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy has registered members and affiliated associations in over fifty countries.


Korean Grand Master Chang Seong Dong (9th Dan Black Belt, WTF) is both the Director and Founder of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Korea. He provides personal and invaluable overseas’ guidance, encouragement and expertise to Taekwondo International Dojangs’ taekwondo activities and aspirations. World famous Grand Master Chang travels extensively and regularly conducts his prized Taekwondo seminars, sharing his innovative styles and winning methods, in the more than fifty countries he is actively involved and associated with.

An ex-Korean Marines Taekwondo Instructor, he is a former student of and was an instructor with Korean Grand Master Lee Young Kun, ex- President of the International Referees of the World Taekwondo Federation. Grand Master Chang is now also rated as one of the top 25 living Korean 9th DAN WTF Grand Masters. With his first official teaching visit to India more than forty years ago, he is also fondly recognized as being the Korean father of Taekwondo in India.

International Master Instructor, Manoz Yonzone (7th DAN Black Belt/Director of Taekwondo International Dojangs) has been a senior practicing student of Korean Grand Master Chang since the past 25 years. A multi-stylist and former National Taekwondo Champion, he holds Black Belts in several martial arts styles (Choi Kwang Do/Hapkido/Karate). He has been actively involved in the Oriental Martial Arts for the past 43 years. He has been regularly training overseas in both the USA and Korea since 1995. He has officiated in numerous National and International Taekwondo Championships and events as a referee, jury member, coach, team director and technical advisor. Master Yonzone is the Master Instructor (India) of Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, Korea and the former Chief Instructor (India) for Choi Kwang Do Martial Arts International (USA).He is also the current President of the Sangrok World Hapkido Federation of India.


Collectively, the top four senior most Instructors alone bring in more than 150 years of Martial Arts experience. The Chief Executive Instructor and Senior Instructors of Taekwondo International Dojangs are all Internationally Certified from the World Taekwondo / Kukkiwon, Korea. Some have both trained and instructed overseas too. Quite a few of them have attained Master Instructor Certifications and have over forty years of involvement and experience in the arts. Some instructors are also former State, National and International competitors and champions too.


At Taekwondo International Dojangs, we work towards “Changing the Game” through the process of Taekwondo. Our Taekwondo educational program isn’t aimed at catering to just the elite athlete/competitor. It isn’t just about fighting and hard physical knocks and championship medals and titles and highlighted media coverage but also about going beyond that.

It is the quiet harmony of the Yin and Yang in our lives where we endeavor to consciously help you “Kill the Fire and Aggression of the Self”. We bring two contrasting opposites in a perfect balance to our daily lives. We bring the inspiring eclectic tie-up of Taekwondo and Yoga. We reinvent martial arts as a Modern Softer Version – There is the more delicate side that suppresses the aggression, stress and ego and brings out the inner strength, humbleness and calmness. This is a fusion of lifestyles whereby we promote healthy, active and positive lives and nurture teamwork and social harmony infused with Dedication, Discipline, Passion, Focus, Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Meditation and an Indomitable Spirit through the process of Taekwondo.

Today, Taekwondo is more recognizable and popular as an official Olympic Medal Sport. But, Taekwondo – like all other traditional martial arts – goes beyond being merely a competitive sport or an entertaining game. It is a valuable discipline that enhances the quality and dimensions of one’s outlook towards life and our social responsibilities.


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