Healing Yoga In Siliguri

Healing Yoga in Siliguri

Here, in Mozen Yoga Studio in Siliguri, we are focused towards healing benefits of Yoga by providing healing services like Reiki healing, Pranic healing and so on. Yoga classes bring the healing properties into one's life and make students understandable with the Yoga practices which give therapeutic aspects and improve both body and mind. The human body functions with the flowing of energy and connects the mind with the body function. Yoga deals with everything that is subjected to desires of the human body and by joining the yoga classes, one can understand more about the healing yoga techniques and its tremendous benefits into life.

How can we help you from your problems through healing Yoga?

    Back Pain:

    Back pain is considered as one of the most common problems in recent time because people spend most of their time by sitting in their office desk. Healing Yoga helps a person to strengthen the spine and reducing strain from the lower back. During the beginner's class, we make people understand how to sit while doing Yoga. By keeping the back straight and implementing bending asanas one can improve flexibility and stay away from back pain.


    Some of the asanas like Bujangasana, and Dhanurasana can stimulate the pancreas and prove to be effective in converting glycogen from glucose. Following the steps and guidelines provided by the Yoga Acharya can help the body to stimulate fast flowing of blood which keeps the person active for doing physical work and reduces the chances of getting diabetic. Even diabetic patients can do Yoga to keep the sugar level in control and finding better ways to manage the needs of life.


    Most of the time people start planning to join Yoga Classes just for reducing body weight and achieving a greater shape and size. Your wish of looking slim and fit can be possible by adopting the Yoga techniques like Viradhadrasana, Paschimottasanas, and Parvatasana. Doing Yoga classes regularly can fulfil your desire of achieving the right shape instead of getting any adverse effects.


    Yoga is all about dealing with the body through breathing and movements. Pranayama classes can be a blessing for people who are suffering from Asthma as it controls the energy within the proper time. Inhaling and exhaling will improve the overall respiratory system by giving relief to the body from several issues. Rabbit Breathing, Tiger Breathing, Surya Namaskar and Nadishodhana are taught in our Yoga centre to keep you physically fit and relaxed.

    Our certified instructors are:

    1. Parameswaran P.S (Yoga Acharya)
    2. P.Sasidharan (Yoga Siromani Samudra Deva)
    3. Manoz Yonzone (International Master Instructor)
    4. Pasang Foning (Master Instructor)
    5. Stephen Rai (Chief Executive Instructor)
    6. Roman Pradhan (Senior Instructor-Grade-1)


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