Relevance and effects of Power Yoga

Relevance and effects of Power Yoga


Power yoga is one of the best forms of healing yoga that is practiced by the most individuals all across the globe. It is based on the form of Ashtanga Yoga. Power yoga is rapid and is somewhat similar an aerobic workout. If you practice power yoga everyday then it can be beneficial for you in various ways. Some of these include improved posture, enhanced physical strength and better balance. It is a fast and quick form of practicing yoga and targets on the flow from one posture to the next rather than each posture individually. In most Yoga studios this particular form of yoga is widely taught and practices under the guidance of the experts.

Below is the list of few benefits that Power Yoga have bring in your life

Enhances and builds a good Immunity

Yoga or any other kind of physical exercises help in improving your body’s immune system. The immunity of your body is determined by the food habits that you have. And proper exercise helps in a proper digestion of food giving you good energy to conduct regular work.

Helps you to get a good quality sleep

Power yoga is the best form of healing yoga that helps with your sleeping patterns too. If you have a problem with sleeping or you are insomniac then this type of yoga can help you with fixing that for you.

Helps in building muscle

Our muscles are formed with the tissues that require a proper source of nutrients and energy. So when you practice power yoga, your body generates enough energy for your tissues to function properly. This leads to a growth of your muscles that can be also gained by doing heavy weight exercises in the gymnasium.

Regulates the hormones in your body

With overall healing done by this kind of yoga, this also helps in regulating hormones in your body that govern your mood and other functions that the body has. That is the reason why power yoga makes you feel energetic and gives you positive and happy vibes.

Enhances the function and capacity of lungs

Since every kind of yoga follows a proper and a distinct breathing pattern, the exercise leads to a better functioning for your respiratory system. The fast and rapid movement done during this yoga increases blood flowing in your body. This leads to the heart pumping more blood. So your breathing pattern also helps your lungs to get stronger and enhances its capacity to hold more oxygen.

A healing yoga like power yoga thus fulfils many aspects of physical health and should be done by every individual to remain healthy and happy.

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