Heal The Coronavirus Anxiety With Yoga

Heal The Coronavirus Anxiety With Yoga



The present scenario is very well known to everyone. This COVID-19 outbreak is not only an epidemic but also the most discussed topic on the internet. We are spending most of our time over the internet and we come across various news and posts related to the coronavirus, its statistics, and even deaths. Therefore, this has created a sense of scare among everybody. As we are surrounded by or phones and social media, we are also encircled by the vibrations and negative thoughts. This can make you anxious and fearful all the time. So, you need to understand that the more you think about it, the more you fear and the more it affects your immune system. However, it is quite difficult to not think about it when something is always surrounding you. Therefore, the right ways have to be incorporated to realize the importance of positive thoughts for a greater immune system. Yoga is the best way. The yoga training centre in Siliguri takes part in the awareness by helping those who are scared and anxious in this time of pandemic.

How is anxiety affecting people during this epidemic?

According to old traditional beliefs, our thoughts contribute a lot not only in our mental but physical health also. Fear is directly proportional to the intensity of how much conversation and what kind of thoughts you create every moment. The hormones that induce within us, make our immune response weak. Therefore, you might get the feeling that you might be infected by the virus or you might feel the symptoms. That can scare you even more.

How yoga is helpful in dealing with the stress?

From time and beyond, the healing benefits of yoga is not an unknown matter. Yoga soothes the mind and helps us in clarity of thinking. In addition, the lockdown period has left us alone at home where the chance of overthinking and social world interaction is more, this can easily lead us to situations of panic. Therefore, you might as well use this phase as something productive.

  • Indulge into morning and evening sessions of meditations and affirmations
  • Eat healthy and drink a lot of fluids
  • Wake in the morning and do not check your social media, practice yogic exercises instead
  • Do not take part in conversations which include the news about deaths and increasing statistics
  • Do not research in several platforms about the aspects. The preventive measure stated by the World Health Organization is very effective. Stay home as much as possible, wash hands frequently and avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes before sanitizing.

Even if you think you are facing anxiety, talk with the experts from the best yoga training centre in Siliguri. Yoga is the best way to go through this anxious phase. Do not let the virus take over your mind.

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