Foods to Include in Your Yogic Diet

Foods to Include in Your Yogic Diet


You must have heard eat like a yogi. So, what does a yogic diet mean? Does it mean that we can only eat began? Yoga is a way of life and a basic necessity today. However, is yoga enough? According to older beliefs, the kind of food we eat, not only affects our physical body, but our mental well being as well. This might be too hard to believe, but there is a scientific logic related to it. You need a diet plan along with the yogic exercises and postures. Like consumption of spicy food everyday can cut the soothing effects of yoga in our body. The experts from yoga center in Siliguri suggest a yogic diet for all everybody.

What exactly is included in yogic diet?

A yogi’s diet is not only about plain and healthy food. It includes the various emotional components that is called the right food for mental health. Here is a list of a best food for your mind

·                Ahimsha (Non-violence)- It means a state of absolutely no violence of the body and thoughts

·                Truth- Whatsoever happens, one will always be with the truth

·                Spirituality- Being close to god and the supreme one

These are some emotional diets and there are more. You can learn about them from the best yoga center in Siliguri

Foods to include in a yogic diet

As it is clear, a yogic diet includes both spiritual and physical consumption of saatvik (plain, free of spices) food. The foods to include in your diet for adding to the effectiveness of yoga.

Mostly vegetarian

Most of the people today are converting into vegetarians. The reason is that the foods mostly include vegetables and fruits. Veg foods do not have high protein content is a myth. Foods like soybeans, pulses and rajma have good levels of protein. It is quite difficult for the non-veg lovers. However, with increasing diseases in animals due to hygiene and pollution, it is the best to stick to the saatvik diet.

No substances of stimulant

A yogic diet should not include any alcohol, cigarettes or drugs or any chemical of that sort.

Only fresh foods

Yoga is all about energies and it is said that stale foods are low nutrient and low-energy foods. Therefore, a yogi’s diet should devoid of the yesterday’s food and leftovers. A freshly cooked meal is the best.

Follow smaller meals at regular intervals

Smaller servings at regular intervals is the best way to maintain the weight, metabolism and digestion of the body. Not only this, food should be consumed at least 2-3 hours before yogic exercises.

Learn more about the yogic diet from the best yoga center in Siliguri. Eating healthy along with yogic exercises is the need of the hour.

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