Eating Habits That Enhance The Effectiveness Of Yoga

Eating Habits That Enhance The Effectiveness Of Yoga


Yoga is undoubtedly the one of the healthiest habits that you must include in your daily life. It not only helps in the proper build up of the physical and mental body, but it is also the best medium to energize your physiological processes and getting rid of all the toxins. According to one of the best yoga center in Siliguri, yoga is the way of life and it introduces a sense of well-being in the most effective manner. Learning yoga from the right acharya and doing all the postures correctly enhances the quality of fitness in all aspects. In addition to this, did you know the kind of food you eat in the complete day can also increase the effectiveness of yoga. Learn about the right eating habits during yoga practices.

Why does your eating habits matter?

The food you eat especially your meals before and after the yogic practice matter the most. It not only helps you with better results but also syncs your body and its working processes the right way. In addition, the right kind of eating helps your body to stay light and convenient during the yogic exercise.

Your eating habits pre yoga

The best yoga center in Siliguri advises that the best time to practice yoga is early in the morning when the stomach is empty. However, with the busy and tight schedule lifestyle, it is hard to find time sometimes in the morning after waking up. The next best time is the evening. You must maintain a few protocols of your food intake in case you are practicing yogic exercises in the evening.

  • Although light eating is preferred, if you have taken a heavy meal, you must wait for the next 3-5 hours before your start your yoga. The heavy food takes time to digest and it will take up all the energy of your processes in digestion. Thereby, the energies cannot be completely utilized in your asanas.
  • If you have taken a light meal, you must start your yoga after 1-2 hours.
  • Wait for 45 minutes after drinking juice and other fluids.
  • It is preferred to drink fluids or eat a banana right after waking up and start yoga after getting up in the morning.

Your eating habits post yoga

  • The post yoga diet should be light and must include little amount of carbs.
  • You must not eat immediately after yoga. You should wait for at least 45 minutes-1hour.
  • Your diet must be a combination of carbs and proteins.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can

The best yoga center in Siliguri lists that some foods like aerated drinks, spicy, extra sweet and deep-fried foods to see the best effects of yogic practice.

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