An Introduction to Yoga: Getting Started with Your Ultimate Fitness Regime

An Introduction to Yoga: Getting Started with Your Ultimate Fitness Regime


Derived from the Sanskrit "yuj" meaning "to unite" or "to join", yoga is quintessentially the spiritual discipline which emphasises on the connection between mind and body. The practice of yoga started since the waking of civilization and forayed into the lives of humans for years after years. Eventually, yoga found worldwide recognition with the celebration of international yoga day since 21st June, 2015 after its inception in the United Nations general assembly in 2014.

That was a brief take on yoga. But you must be wondering what has these got to do with your personal fitness? Well, yoga can work as a panacea to both your mind and body by with its enormous healing power. Benefits of yoga are listless. A sound health combined with virtues such as honesty, devotion, self esteem, concentration is just a few of the advantages of practicing yoga regularly at a yoga training centre in Siliguri.

Before getting started understand why yoga should replace any form of fitness regime. Yoga is beneficial for:

  • Improving strength, flexibility, stamina, mobility, balance etc.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Combating against conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, auto immune disorders and other several other ailments
  • Healing common body aches like back pain.
  • Decreasing depression and other mental health issues
  • Enhancing over all well being.

 Now before you start practising yoga here are a handful of tips for your yoga practice:

  • Practice in an empty stomach: Yoga should be best practiced in an empty stomach for maximum benefits.
  • Wear comfortable clothes: As yoga works on your energy system and comfortable wear helps in this process.
  • Challenge yourself everyday: You need to learn something new everyday to motivate yourself to go to the next level
  • Push your own limits. By going slightly beyond your comfort zone will motivate you more to take the bold new step.

Getting started...

You may feel slightly edgy while taking your first yoga class but with a well certified and quality yoga training centre in Siliguri you may feel at ease from the very first day of your class. Let’s get in to the basics first. Learn the basics before warming up to the basics to this new fitness regime.

Get acquainted with the types of yoga:

Hatha yoga: a slow moving yoga great for the beginners

Power yoga: after you have taken the first few classes of basic yoga you may proceed with the power yoga. It is slightly more challenging.

Iyengar: it has focus on proper alignment

Kundalini: it is best to awaken the energy of your spine and increases your sensory awareness.

Join a yoga training centre in Siliguri to get to know about more types of yoga.


Are you fit enough for yoga?

Generally yoga is not limited to a particular age or gender, anyone can benefit from yoga. But still prevention is always better than cure.  You must avoid yoga if:

  • You have a recent injury or a typical medical condition that bars you from practising yoga. It can be dangerous if you practise of even after being warned by your doctor.
  • You are an absolutely out of shape or not at all flexible. Still you may begin with a gentle practise.
  • A sharp pain in any part of your body is a signal to stop the practise, consult your doctor and then start all over again.


How to start yoga?

Yoga is performed on a yoga mat. You may purchase the yoga essentials like pillows, a stack of books etc. If you enrol for a yoga training centre in Siliguri, they will provide everything you are looking for.


First yoga session

A short and straightforward yoga practise is highly recommended. You must slowly build up your practise from then onwards. Once you are comfortable, you may go for the next yoga. You must follow the basic components of yoga: breathing, meditation, asana, intention and relaxation.

After the very first session, you will be guided by the trainers at the yoga training centre in Siliguri on how frequently you should follow up, what should be your ideal diet, which yoga programme you should opt for and so on.

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