About Us - MoZEN

MoZEN is an acronym of the English word MORE and the Japanese word ZEN.
(In the Hebrew language, MOZEN means “the path of life” (lifestyle).

What is ZEN in this context/usage??

Zen is the quiet cultivation of the self that is brought about with a conscious awareness of the mind and body and its balance and harmony in our everyday lives.

The focus is on calmness, simplicity and self-growth with an added emphasis on the appreciation for moderation, asymmetry, imperfection, rusticity and naturalness coupled with self-composure and tranquility. What is addressed and adhered to here is the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in its totality and inter-dependence and co-existence.

How is it achieved??

We share with you an exclusive studio where you can continue your healthy inspired living practices through various forms and styles. We bring and make available “Personalized Choices for your Personal Fitness”.

We offer you the practice of the serene ancient art of Indian YOGA, the raw essence of NATURAL FITNESS and the eclectic flowing grace of the ORIENTAL MARTIAL ARTS. The instructors of both Yoga and the Martial Arts are all internationally certified and some have over forty years of teaching experience. They are globally licensed International Master Instructors and Champions.

What gives us our signature style??

“No machines … No steroids… No workout cards” – This is what we adhere to at MoZEN. We do not promote machine based exercise regimes and routines. Neither do we encourage the concepts of competition and exhibition of sheer physical muscle bulk.

We promote the richness of simplicity – of returning to our indigenous natural roots. All our activities here are done Bare Feet. It implies our conscious stripping away of the nonessentials – of bringing ourselves back closer to nature. Unlike the Western outlook, strength for us is not external and physical. Rather, it is an internal balance and harmony of opposites … the yin and yang in our everyday lives. We make our journey not outwards but inwards.

We strive to ensure that you leave with an “elixir of released endorphins”. We endeavour to make this your new everyday “Feel Good” Wellness and Fitness Mantra – an experience that you’d return to regularly. We share a holistic approach to everyday fitness. We consciously seek to bring the stillness back to our lives. Here fitness is nurtured around your individual capabilities and preferences that also meets and addresses your mental, spiritual and emotional growth and balance while still being rejuvenating and a whole lot of fun too.


  • - Wellness
  • - Yoga
  • - Meditation
  • - Pranayama
  • - Oriental Martial Arts
  • - Self-Defense


  • - Free WiFi
  • - Viewing Gallery
  • - Monitored Security
  • - Mushin Boutique
  • - Lockers and Restrooms
  • - Front and Rear Elevators